We are dedicated to clean food that is grown to sustain both us and the environment.

More than organic: We abide by the regulations of the USDA Organic program, and are in the process of obtaining organic certification. Our practices extend beyond the organic guidelines and we consider the entire farm a holistic operation integrated with the environment.

Clean food: On RambleBramble Farm, we do not apply any kind of chemicals to our plants, even those allowed under organic certification. Instead, we use ecological strategies of pest control, such as planting yummy plants to distract the deer.

Clean soil: Instead of applying treatments to our land, we rotate our crops, so each group of vegetables leaves nutrients for the next. Our vegetables are grown in compost that comes from growing a cover crop, a nutrient-rich plant cover. We also use our chickens as part of our crop rotation.

Clean water: The water we use comes from the water provided by nature and the river that runs by our farm. This is the some of the cleanest water available—it supplies the drinking water of New York City residents.

Clean energy: Organic produce that you find in grocery stores is often grown in artificial conditions and entails massive energy costs. Our vegetables thrive in the sunlight, in our cold frame, and under windows from our old barn. We do not use heat lamps or grow lamps. After all, who needs to build another power plant to grow organic?

Minimize waste: We don’t throw away produce because it doesn’t look like you expect it to from your experience in the grocery store, which relies on industrial food production. In fact, we don’t throw away any produce. We partner with the food needy and use our own vegetables to compost our fields. In order to minimize waste on the farm, we find ways to re-use and repurpose anything and everything possible.