Looking for us?

RambleBramble Farm
Mail: PO Box 715, Bloomville, New York, 13739
Physical/Freight Address: 56508 State Highway 10, South Kortright, New York 13842
Phone: 607-538-4036
Twitter: @ramblefarm
Instagram: @ramblefarm
Website: (you are here!)

Farmers and Farm-makers:


RambleBramble Farm was started in 2012 by Jamie Skye Bianco, who has over two decades of experience in clean vegetable growing. She is the owner, farm manager, and veggie and seedling wrangler. She drives the tractor.


Nicole Starosielski is co-farmer at RambleBramble, and is master of spreadsheets and all things organizational and administrative.


Marcha Johnson is the media manager/web developer. She likes to get her hands dirty and learn about all the different varieties of melons and greens. She also adores the pups and qitten.


Patricia Lin is intern at the farm. She likes yoga, reading, thinking, growing and making things. She has a thing for grapefruit..


Celine is an intern at Ramble Bramble Farm. She enjoys horseback riding, fresh food and baking berry crumbles.


Norrsken aka Norrska (norsh-ska) aka Farm Dog is the youngest member of the farm team, and thus far her achievements include collecting sticks and testing the temperature of the pond and river.


Oscar aka Scar is in the business of hospitality, and helps to meet and greet all guests on the farm (bark bark bark bark). He is in charge of waste patrol, and refuses to allow a single morsel of food on the farm to go to waste.


Qitteh aka Qitten is the resident mousing technician. She is very good at her job.


Buckaroo aka Roo, works as woodchuck patrol in the RambleBramble fields. He also works tirelessly at locating the most comfortable spot on the farm to take a nap.


Jamie S. Yes, we know, this means that there are two Jamie S’s. Jamie S. is a long time grower in the area with whom RambleBramble teamed up last year after meeting at the Hobart Farmer’s Market , where you’ll find us on Fridays from 4pm-7pm.