Seedling Sale

Each winter and spring, RambleBramble Farm hosts a seedling sale. Interested in getting your hands on a few plants of your own? You can order your tomato, pepper, eggplant, and herb seedlings from us. Email us at to ask us questions or to reserve seedlings for your garden!


We'll be updating this list shortly, but while you're here, check out prior offerings in RambleBramble's Seedling selection below!

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Black Krim (heirloom), Cherokee Purple (heirloom), Golden King of Siberia, Pink Brandywine (heirloom), Yellow Brandywine (heirloom)

Standard Tomatoes

Berkeley Tie Dye Green, Black Beauty, Cosmonaut Volkov, Evergreen (heirloom), Green Pineapple (heirloom), Malakhitovaya Shkatulka, Monomakh's Hat, Native Sun, New Yorker (heirloom), Shah

Chestnut Tomatoes

Black Icicle, Glacier, Indigo Apple, Indigo Rose, Jaune Flamme (heirloom), Michael Pollan, Mountain Princess (heirloom), Pink Boar, Pink Tiger, Uralskiy Ranniy, Yellow Perfection (heirloom)

Cherry Tomatoes

A Grappoli D'Inverno (heirloom), Black Cherry, Black Mauri, Blue Cream Berries, Blush, Chadwick Cherry, Egg from Phuket, Fox Cherry, Galina's Cherry, Indigo Cherry Drops, Pink Bumblebee, Sweet Cherriette, White Cherry

Pear Tomatoes

Chocolate Pear, Ivory Pear White, Polen Yellow Pear, Red Pear Cherry (heirloom)

Paste Tomatoes

Northern Ruby, Roma, Rosso Sicilian (heirloom), Speckled Roman Paste, Ten Fingers of Naples (heirloom)

Pepper Tomatoes

Douchoua Pepper, Striped Cavern

Specialty Tomatoes

Minibel, Mushroom Basket, Reisetomate, Litchi


Applegreen, Diamond, Listada di Gandia (heirloom), Ping Tung Long (heirloom), Rosa Bianca (heirloom), Snowy (heirloom)


King of the North (heirloom), Wisconsin Lakes, Cayenne, Jalapeno Early, Matchbox, Ring-O-Fire Cayenne Hot, Gatherer's Gold Sweet, Iko Iko Sweet, Jimmy Nardello’s Sweet (heirloom), Odessa Market, Sweet Salad, Topepo Rosso Sweet (heirloom)


Genovese Basil, Oregano