We are committed to just food—read this in as many ways as you can: pure food, food justice, equitable labor in the production of food, and equitable access to food. This means making sure that clean food is accessible and affordable. We all know that organic produce costs a little bit more than non-organic food. In many places vegetables are not even an option. One of our aims is to close this gap, and make healthy, sustainably-grown food available.

It takes an enormous amount of embodied labor to grow food, especially if you’re not using industrialized practices, enormous amounts of energy, or tons of chemistry, like synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. We support both fair labor practices and fair pay. In New York State, farm workers have long been excluded from key labor protections . We support a food system that is good not only just for consumers, but for its workers and the local economy in which it is grown.

Just food also means that we need more information about how our crops are grown. We are transparent about our growing practices and invite you to come see where your food comes from. Education about the food system can help us to build a better one.