On our land in South Kortright, New York, you will find real food: vegetables straight from the earth, without any genetic or chemical interventions.

Our food includes both garden staples and rare varieties, ranging from beans and broccoli to pumpkins and tomatoes. Many of our plants are heirlooms you won’t find in the grocery store: the Pink Plume celery, the Spotted Trout lettuce, the multicolored Iran Squash, or the Atomic Red carrot. Check out everything we grow!

Diversity is important to a healthy ecosystem. We do not grow proprietary hybrids, patented, or genetically modified seeds. Our seeds come from growers that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, which means that they will not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. Our seeds and plants have the nutrients that our bodies need, and through crop rotation, provide nutrients for each other.

We encourage you to check out our seed providers, who together provide us with open-pollinated, rare, untreated, and organic seeds:

Whenever it is available, we use certified organic seed. In some cases, rare seeds are not available certified organic, and in this case, we buy them from suppliers who also have a growing philosophy that prioritizes environmental health.